Submit Your Event

Submit your event or meeting to the Network's community calendar.

Events and meetings must pertain to those interested in FASD, including:

  • Parents and other caregivers who care for children and adults with FASD
  • Other family members of persons with FASD, including siblings
  • Children, teens or adults who have FASD
  • Students and professionals who conduct FASD-related research, or who work with or provide services to persons with FASD or their families, or anyone who works for community or government organizations/agencies whose activities affect persons with FASD or their families.
  • Anyone who is involved with or affected by a neurodevelopmental condition or disability who may benefit from the subject and content of the event

To be considered for inclusion in the Network’s Calendar, the event must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event date, or the event registration date. 

To submit an event, send an email to:  Please include “Calendar of Events” in the message Subject field.

Please note: The FASD Network of Southern California is committed to diversity and inclusion. We will not include any event in our Calendar of Events that is offered by a sponsor that excludes anyone based on the qualities described in, or any event that contains content that falls outside of the standards described in the Network’s anti-discrimination policy.