FASD Resources

Dedicated Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Clinics Including Diagnosis and Therapy



Special Education Resources in Southern California

Contact Your State Officials at one time! Don’t just grumble online to “THE CHOIR”! If you want to connect with your California elected officials, see this site first. Bookmark this link, especially if you want to contribute your point of view about FASD

FASD News & Research

NOFAS Journal Article Search

FASD Research Abstracts and Reports from 1973 to 2004

FASD News Blog


Circumpolar FASD Research Repository

FASD Connections: Serving Adolescents and Adults with FASD

FAS Treatment and Prevention Network, University of Washington

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

For Teachers

Print and Downloadable Teacher Resources

Teaching Students with FAS/E

FASD Organizations



Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Center for Excellence 


For Parents & Caregivers

Living with FASD This is a blog written by an American woman affected by FASD.

For Teens & Young Adults Affected by FASD

The private Facebook group, FLYING WITH BROKEN WINGS is for those affected by FASD. To join the group, go to the group link from your Facebook profile page and click on the Join Group link.

See Charles Haire’s site at FASSurvival.com. In his words, the site is “designed to be a place of resource for those individuals living with a brain injury and FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).” 

Here is an email list for teens and young adults with FASD. The site also lists other resources for persons living with FAS or any other type of FASD.


Find Your Congressional Representatives

Congress Lookup

For Persons With FASD and One or More Co-Occurring Condition

The Arc of the United States
National Association for the Dually Diagnosed (NADD)

Disability Rights Resources

National Disability Rights Network

Vocational Rehabilitation Resources

State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies.
Job Accommodation Network

Family Resource Centers

Strategies is a nationally recognized alliance of professional trainers, organizational development coaches, facilitators and support staff.  Its offices are located in Southern and Northern California. Funding comes primarily from the California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP).

The Strategies Directory of Family Strengthening Organizations page helps you search for and find family support programs and family resource centers in your state and local area.To narrow your search, try the Advanced Search feature.

Resources for Research into FASD

Several organizations are involved in ongoing research, program evaluation, and advocacy for improved diagnosis, treatment, and public awareness of FASD, including Alcohol Related Neurological Disorders (ARND). These include:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, FASD Center for Excellence
American Academy of Pediatrics
Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group
National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Circle of Hope

Peggy Combs-Way [San Diego, CA] is a leader of the Circle of Hope, a national support and information network affiliated with NOFAS .

Circle of Hope supports birth mothers who drank during pregnancy and gave birth to a child with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Peggy is a birth mother who raised a daughter, now an adult, with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), one type of FASD. Peggy understands a birth mom’s grief and guilt, and is willing to share her healing experience.

Useful Links

Circle of Hope at NOFAS. Contact: 800-666-6327


Social media, by nature, changes as fast as users can post a message or an image to the virtual community. Therefore, keep in mind that, even more than any other link on this web site, the entries below by no means reflects a final, or even a current list of what’s available.

But if you are a subscriber of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media sites, the following links represent a good place to start to identify other individuals and groups interested in FASD. Social media is also a good way to learn about current research, events, trends, and “chatter” related to prevention, awareness, and treatment of FASD.

The lists below contain links to social media sites that share information helpful to English-speaking people in California. It may also interest visitors to this page living elsewhere in the United States and Canada, and anyone from anywhere outside of North America who is comfortable understanding and communicating in written English.

If interested, there is also social media communication targeted specifically to people in other U.S. states, Canada, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and to those who communicate in languages other than English.

FASD-Related Twitter Feeds

These links lead to the latest Twitter feeds found by using these FASD-related search terms. The results should be current whenever you click on them, and will give you some idea of Twitter users you may want to “follow” or communicate with.

Search results using “fetal alcohol”
Search results using “fasd”
Search results using “prenatal alcohol”

FASD-Related Pages and Groups on Facebook.com

Fetal Alcohol Forever with Jeff Noble. Daily snippets on understanding and supporting people with FASD.
F.A.F.A.S.D. Page of the web site of the same name. The organization’s director, Adrienne Bashista, also administers a secure group, called “Shifting the paradigm: towards a neuro-behavioral approach to FASD.” See below.
The FASD Wheel (Fetal Alcohol news & tips)
Roots to Wings Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder support group
FASD FASD (a) “FLYING WITH BROKEN WINGS” An especially valuable, secure group for adult Facebook users who have FASD, and the adults who want to understand them better. Parenting FASD Kids

Parenting FASD Teens and Adults

Shifting the paradigm: towards a neuro-behavioral approach to FASD. This group is “about changing our focus in caring for people who have FASDs from trying to manage behavior to instead, see behavior as a symptom as what is going on in the brain.” Based on the “neurobehavioral” approach to intervention in FASD, made famous by FASD author, trainer and researcher Diane Malbin; for more information, see fascets.org.
FASD California. Sharing information about FASD-related support and advocacy in California.
Southern California FASD Information & Support Network. The Facebook group linked to the FASD Network of Southern California.
Homeschooling the FASD way – a global community. For parents homeschooling children with FASD and those interested in the subject.

FASD-Related “Boards” and Postings on Pinterest.com

These links lead to the latest Pinterest postings (“pins”) found by using these FASD-related search terms. The results should be current whenever you click on them, and will give you some idea of Pinterest users you may want to “follow” or communicate with.

Search results page using “fetal alcohol”
Search results using “fasd’
Search results using “prenatal alcohol”

FASD-Related Videos on YouTube.com

These links lead to videos posted to YouTube found by using these FASD-related search terms. The results should be current whenever you click on them.

Search results page using “fetal alcohol”
Search results using “fasd’
Search results using “prenatal alcohol”

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