Health & Safety

These resources address specific health and safety issues of individuals with FASD.

Health and safety is a subject that most parents and caregivers of individuals with FASD struggle with.

People with FASD may be more susceptible to certain health problems as a result of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. These health problems range from mental illness to sleep problems. In addition, they may have difficulties understanding the importance of hygiene, food safety, nutrition, proper use of medication, etc.

Persons with FASD are also likely to be vulnerable to risks associated with common activities in their daily lives. These risks include those that affect their physical safety in public places or other surroundings, knowing how trustworthy their associates are and behaving appropriately with others, traffic and motor vehicle safety, animal safety, and being mindful and careful around hazards in their home, school, or workplace.

If you need immediate help regarding the safety or health of your family member, friend, or coworker with FASD in California:

California 211