Support the Network

There are a variety of ways you can help us share our message and pursue our mission of helping people in Southern California whose lives are impacted by FASD. Choose from the options below.


We have established relationships with the following businesses that work with online and traditional retailers who contribute to nonprofit organizations through their customer sales.

By creating secure accounts and linking your credit cards with these services, you help the Network by contributing a percentage of your shopping dollars when you buy products or services.


Please help the Network expand its training and educational efforts!

We are implementing ways to increase our fundraising methods. With additional funding, we intend to:

  • Improve the amount and quality of training and education available through the Network.
  • Offer scholarships to parents and caregivers so they can participate in training (regardless of the sponsor) so they can add to their toolkit in caring for a person with FASD.
  • Help parents who cannot afford it to pay for respite services, so they can step away from their family responsibilities for a few hours or days, allowing them to dispel some caregiving, stress and return home to their FASD-affected loved one with refreshed energy.

Use one of the methods below to donate to the FASD Network of Southern California, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

At a Union Bank branch

If you’re near any Union Bank branch, you may donate to the FASD Network of Southern California using cash, check or money order.

Check or money order

You can send a check or money order, payable to FASD Network of Southern California, using postal mail or electronic banking. Address your donation to:

FASD Network of Southern California
Attn: Donations
P.O. Box 595
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

By Phone

To donate to the Network by phone via credit card, please contact Annette at (310) 717-9763.


Give online with your credit card or PayPal account. You do not need to have a PayPal account.


You can donate your time to the FASD Network of Southern California is several ways:

Host a meeting

If you would like a Network meeting to happen in your community, you can make it happen!There are no rules about when to have a meeting, where to hold one, how long it needs to last, or what needs to happen during the meeting. Knowing that someone else whose loved one, family or client is living with the effects of FASD is close to where you live or work in Southern California is good to know. Local events where you live and work help forge alliances and connections that can lead to positive outcomes. Let us know!

Attend a meeting

Our meetings serve not only to provide information for troubleshooting and problem-solving around an FASD-related challenge. For many participants, they are one of the few effective ways to connect with people who “get” FASD and its impact on human development, and who have good, FASD-appropriate suggestions around working with schools, healthcare professionals, the criminal justice system, and other aspects of society in Southern California.

When you attend a Network meeting, you can not only get information or support, you also give it to others.

Tell others

When you communicate with someone else who has a loved one or client with FASD anywhere in Southern California, or with someone who would like more information about FASD and needs a place to start, please let them know that we are here as a resource. Give them a point of contact or ask us to contact them.

Post Information

If you hear, read, or see something about FASD that could possibly help someone else in the Network, please post it to our email list and/or to our Facebook group. Want to check with us first before posting it to a group yourself? Let us know!

Recommend a Speaker

Do you know about someone who is a subject matter expert in a topic that is relevant to people interested in FASD in Southern California? Let us know! We can work together to bring them to a meeting or training seminar.

Contribute Content

If you wish there was some information or link to another site on this web site, or you see something that is outdated or inaccurate, let us know! We can work together to fill the gap or correct the error.


Are you are a subject matter expert in a subject related to FASD, such as educational advocacy, special education, adoption and foster care, neuroscience, child development, etc.?
Do you have experience or an interest in an area (for example, management, word processing, research, videography, writing, fundraising, art, public relations, marketing, technology, accounting, social organizing, etc.)?
Do you have linkages with other organizations or groups that have similar aims in the area of disability as the Network?
If so, you can help the Network improve its training, outreach and collaboration efforts. We are interested in working with you, or putting your expertise and energy to work! Please contact us and let us know!


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Every time you wear FASD apparel you help spread the word about our Network, and raise awareness for FASD. And you’ll look good, too!